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Michael is enjoying being a professional photographer and has done so for the last thirty years. He has filmed just about everything - underground, underwater, in the air, on top of buildings, celebrities, ordinary folk - and, of course, he is also an imagician in the studio. 

He has received many awards and accolades for his unique photographic style.

Michael started taking pictures as a teenager when his father bought him his first SLR, a Nikon FM. He processed his own film in the darkroom, concentrating mainly on black and white. 

From there he moved into shooting slide film and colour negative. Michael’s career began as an assistant to a professional photographer which continued until he secured his own clients. 

Michael’s enthusiasm for capturing great images grew when he realized he had natural ability. His strength is in lighting which he uses to good effect when taking shots. He was one of the pioneers to join the digital revolution and, being a techno-minded creative, has studied everything and anything to do with shooting and processing digital images. 

Michael gains great satisfaction from sharing his knowledge with his assistants ensuring that their position in Knight Studios grows into a professional maturity. 

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